Visitors view the modern history tour in three sections:

People and events are seen through photographic material and historical evidence, reconstructing the landscape of a city at its inception and of an entire region in the theatre of political and social life.

Pasha Kostis Adosidis, the creator of Neapoli, settled in Kainourgio Chorio in 1868 and left in 1871, leaving behind a rich heritage of public buildings and infrastructure.

Manolis Pytikakis who in his will and via its executor, his wife Maria Pytikaki, donated all the items he had collected in his lifetime relating to the period of the Cretan State and the Cretan Gendarmerie.

The Flag of the Cretan State, the Anthem of the Cretan State, the Flag of the period of the Revolt in Therissos, the coins, the weapons, the uniforms of the Gendarmerie, the damask sword engraved with the crescent moon, etc.

The Second World War, the Occupation and the Resistance were shocking, major events for our island. Cretan fighters lost in the mountains of Albania and on Crete. Cretan people tortured in the concentration camps at Auschwitz, Dachau, Mauthausen and Birgenau. Cretans, such as the prominent lawyer Roussos A. Koundouros and a multitude of resistance fighters, executed in prisons – this was the toll for this dark period.

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