The Farmhouse in Mirabello

The Farmhouse in Mirabello

Houses were simple in terms of both functionality and construction. The arch divided the space into two parts, the Portego – a living area and kitchen, and the Camera – a bedroom and storage space. Most prominent in the portego is the “parastia” (fireplace), around which the entire life of the inhabitants revolves. The furniture was limited and basic: the sofra ( a small, low, round table), the vernagado (a large oblong table which was added later), a wooden basin, pitcher, plate holder, chair, bench, basket, plate for kneading and hand mill for grinding wheat.


Farmers’ attire was the traditional Cretan costume:

The women wore long skirts, shirts and short cardigans or shirtless long cardigans, scarves on their heads and rarely jewellery such as necklaces, the so-called “Mamoudies”, and earrings.

Men wore breeches, black vests with red stripes, white shirts, headscarves and black leggings.

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