The rural house in Merabello and the local costumes.

The rural house in Merabello

The house is modest both functionally and constructively. The arch divides the space into two parts. The Portego, an everyday space, kitchen and camera, bedroom and storage room. In portego, the parastia(fireplace) dominates, and around it the whole life of the inhabitants of the house takes place. The furnishing is limited to the elementary, a sofra -small round and low table, a large oblong was later added, a vernegado, wooden basin, crock, saucer, chair, benches, basket, table for kneading and a hand mill for grinding wheat.

The farmers’ costumes are the traditional cretan costumes

Women wore: long skirt, shirt and short cardigan or shirtless long cardigan, head scarf and rare jewellery as necklace, the so-called Mammodies and earrings. Men wore: breeches, vest in black colour with red sirens, white shirt, headband and black boots-stivania.

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