Beginning in 1869, Neapoli, the administrative centre at the time, also became an educational centre with the first peer-to-peer school. From then on it constantly developed and evolved with better Primary and Girl’s Schools while in 1876 the first high school classes became available making Neapoli the only educational centre in Eastern Crete for higher studies. The High School of Neapoli continued to improve and became a seat of scientific learning with excellent teachers. It remained independent from 1882 on, and was recognized by the University of Athens. It was the sole High School in the prefecture until 1916, when the High School of Sitia was founded.

Over the years, items such as student notebooks from 1880, textbooks, desks, pens and inkwells, maps, albums, herbariums, operating regulations, fitness equipment, musical instruments, student clothing, photographs, etc. have been preserved.

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